To The Bendigo Football Community, 

After our first Super Saturday I feel as though my confidence in the potential of Football here in Bendigo has risen greatly. A great amount of support from the local community and a huge effort from kids across the board in all the groups from the Under 12 9 a siders to the Senior First Grade side who were unfortunate not to clinch a victory in a hotly contested 1-1 draw against Richmond. 

A big thanks must also be put out to the travelling Avondale parents, players and coaches who were highly competitive and professional in the way they carried themselves. We wish them all the best of luck for the remainder of the season and look forward to the return leg in the coming months. 

Two observations from the weekend on things we can do better as a community are making sure we arrive on time and considering what is the best for the kids bodies. If you want to be an athlete at any level you need to behave like an athlete in all walks of life. Not just two nights a week and one day on the weekend. 

  • Timeliness for Training and Matches (Across the board from U12-Senior Squad)
    ‘Arrive 10 minutes before the time you are told’ 
  • Consider your body as your machine 
    ‘Drink lots of water, sleep correctly, eat correctly and make sure you don’t overwork yourself!’
    ‘Maximum Freshness Minimum Fatigue Maximum Effort = Maximum Performance Outlay’

Thanks to everyone for their attendance over the weekend and hard work to get the season up and running. I am very excited for the coming weeks both with the NPL season up and running and the start of the BASL year along with some exciting new programs and holiday camps. 

Finally I must congratulate Epsom FC on their efforts representing Bendigo in the FFA Cup. They were unfortunate to face a hard fought defeat 3-2. They came back gallantly after being 2-0 down at half time and showed great spirit and ability to almost pull it back for a draw. A great effort to progress through to this stage of the competition and great to see the success of the BASL clubs at a  local community level! Well Done Bendigo!! 

All the best for the coming week!

Yours In Football, 

Freddie Seccombe
Technical Director 
Bendigo City FC + Bendigo Amateur Soccer League