Dear Supporters,

We have a lot of work to do to secure the future of the club and this starts at the AGM on Monday night the March 30th 2015. The interim committee has established the club but now its over to the community to take over control. We would urge anyone that is interested in getting more involved to make themselves known.

Importantly we need a quorum so we need you to attend the AGM on Monday night the March 30th 2015.

If you want to be on the committee please contact Travis St Clair ASAP for more information.

There will be opportunities to be on sub-committees as well so if you see a role for yourself please make it known.

There will be committee elections at the AGM where you will be eligible to vote if you are either:

1. Over 18yo and paid player registration.

2. A parent of a player under 18yo. One player one vote.

3. Club member – membership is $90 per person.

We needs lots of support to run the club and are keen to gain wider community involvement and ownership. So, if you would like to be involved then please speak to someone at the club – coach, team manager or interim committee members.

We hope to see you on Monday.


Bendigo City Interim Committee