To The Bendigo Football Community, 

I must first introduce myself as the new Technical Director for Bendigo City FC. I will also as part of my role be helping to create a football eco-system in Bendigo starting from the very bottom at Mini-Roos, progressing through BASL, SAP and the Development Squads before moving into the NPL with BCFC and hopefully beyond as we see our players reach the pinnacle of Football whether it be in Australia or Elsewhere! 

I hope that together we will be able to work for more and better players in Bendigo. My focus will be that of Talent Development and my intentions are to create the best possible pathway for players in this region to assure they both enjoy the game and also reach their potential. 

During my first weekend of matches in Ballarat I have seen lots of positives, lots of helpful parents and lots of happy kids loving their football. If this attitude and enthusiasm can be maintained for the entire season I have no doubt that we will all have a great year. 

I feel as though the weekend was a great success for all involved and I personally learnt a two key things from the days events.

1. The weather in these parts is somewhat unpredictable, feeling the Australian Heat, The English Rain and the Atlantic Cold all in the space of the Under 15s match! Assured to bring numerous changes of clothes to match days from now on!

2. The Under 12 side is possibly the most fashionable football squad in the world with numerous headbands, beanies and multi coloured socks. The bar has been set high for the other squads that is for sure! 

Thanks to you all for your participation and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you during the season. If you ever have any questions or queries feel free to contact me at any time whether it be through email or in person around the grounds. 

Yours In Football,

Freddie Seccombe
Technical Director 
Bendigo City FC + Bendigo Amateur Soccer League