Anti-bullying and harassment statement


This statement confirms the commitment of the Bendigo City Football Club (“the club”) to uphold the Football Australia Anti‑bullying and harassment policy (“the policy”).

This statement, and the Football Australia Anti-bullying and harassment policy applies, to BCFC’s administrators, committee, coaches, players and volunteers, and to the fullest extent possible to parents and guardians of players and to spectators at matches.


Bendigo City FC supports and embraces the Football Australia philosophy that states that everyone involved in our sport should be treated with respect and dignity, and be free to participate without being discriminated against, harassed, bullied or abused.

Bullying and Harassment is not acceptable in our sport, or at our club.

Bendigo City FC supports the Football Australia Anti-bullying and Harassment policy, and adopts and commits to enforce the requirements of the policy. The club has a zero-tolerance for any form of bullying or harassment.

Bullying includes verbal, physical, social, psychological or cyberbullying behaviour that makes another person feel victimised, humiliated, threatened, degraded, offended or intimidated.

Harassment is any unwelcome behaviour or conduct that intimidates, offends, belittles, threatens or humiliates another person.

The Football Australia Anti-bullying and harassment policy can be found at this link.

Reporting bullying or harassment

Any club member who experiences or witnesses bullying or harassment is encouraged to report it:

  • To the club through the BCFC complaints and grievance procedure
  • To the club’s Member Protection Information Officer
  • To Football Australia’s National Complaints Procedure:

No person will be treated unfairly or victimised for reporting or complaining about discriminatory conduct or behaviour.

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