BCFC is pleased to introduce a pivotal addition to our club structure, the Member Protection Information Officer/Well-being Officer, Mr. Dave Pitson. This voluntary role is a proactive initiative in alignment with our commitment to ensuring the well-being and safety of our members and community.

Aligned with the FFA National Member Protection Policy (MPP), our club strives to eradicate discrimination, harassment, child abuse, and inappropriate behaviour from Football. The MPP delineates codes of conduct and ethical behaviour that are fundamental for players, parents, coaches, committee members, and bystanders. To reinforce this commitment, it is recommended that every club appoints an MPIO, who must be registered with their club in Play Football for insurance purposes.

Dave Pitson, a familiar face at Bendigo City, assumes the role of MPIO/Well-being Officer. Dave brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to the well-being, equity, and diversity of our club members. With a background in counselling and previous work with Lifeline, Dave is well-equipped to provide moral support and information to players and families regarding any concerns or complaints related to harassment, bullying, abuse, or child protection.

In his capacity as MPIO/Well-being Officer, Dave serves as the primary contact for inquiries and concerns. While not directly involved in mediating or investigating complaints, he plays a crucial supportive counselling role, guiding individuals through the complaints process and facilitating timely resolutions. Dave is known for his approachability, attentive listening, and effective communication skills.

Beyond his counselling expertise, Dave possesses a solid understanding of the club’s structure, policies, processes, and child-safe practices, including adherence to Working with Children principles. He is dedicated to ensuring that everyone associated with our club has a voice and is treated with respect.

Dave Pitson is available and willing to engage with club members on various matters, including crisis or mental health concerns. Whether you are a player, parent, or coach, Dave can provide a supportive ear, offer guidance on the next steps, and create a safe space for open conversations.

For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact Dave Pitson at .

We are confident that Dave’s contributions will further enhance the positive and inclusive environment at BCFC.