Complaints and grievance policy and procedure

This page describes the Club’s Complaints and grievance policy and procedure


Bendigo City FC Inc. (“us”, “we”, “our”, “BCFC”, or “the Club”) values feedback as an opportunity to improve. The Club is committed to addressing, and ideally resolving, situations where an individual or group of people feel they have been injured by an action of the Club, or by its failure to act. The Club also commits to support club members affected by an incident or action that occurred at another club.

The Club’s aim is that complaints and grievances are dealt with in a prompt and equitable manner.

This policy and procedure describes the opportunities that individuals have to raise an issue and/or make a complaint, and outlines the process that the Club will follow in response,

This policy and procedure applies to all club members (including players, coaches and committee), volunteers, parents and other stakeholders or community members.

The policy and procedure is written to address requirements of Football Australia and Football Victoria that clubs have a complaints/grievance policy in place as part of the National Club Development Program (NCDP 1.9.1).


The Club recognises that people will from time to time have complaints or grievances that need to be resolved.

Bendigo City FC Committee affirms that:

  • People have the right to have their grievances carefully considered, through established processes that are timely and based on fairness and respect.
  • The best resolution is one that is reached cooperatively and informally prior to a formal written complaint.
  • Where a formal complaint is received by the Committee it will be considered in a timely manner, treated with respect and sensitivity, and dealt with confidentially.
  • Where considered appropriate, the Club will investigate and act on complaints and grievances according to the procedure outlined below.
  • A person making a complaint or airing a grievance will not be disadvantaged in anyway as a result of making a complaint.

Applicable policies and competition rules

In addition to the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Victoria, the following procedures, codes, rules and guidelines apply:

  • Football Australia – National Complaints Procedure, especially for reports and complaints regarding Member Protection matters, such as discrimination, bullying, harassment and abuse in Football.
  • Football Australia – National Code of Conduct and Ethics, and National Disciplinary Regulations
  • Football Victoria – Grievance, Disciplinary, and Tribunal By-Law 11 (2019)
  • Competition Administrators, e.g.
    • National Premier Leagues Rules of Competition and Men’s & Boys Regulations
    • Football Victoria U12 & U13 Competition Guidelines (Metropolitan competitions)



The following section describes the opportunities that individuals have to make a complaint or raise a grievance, and the procedure the Club will take in response to a complaint.

Raising a complaint

A person who wishes to raise an issue or make a complaint may:

  • Speak directly to the person with whom they have a complaint, and inform them of the behaviour, decision or action that the complaint or grievance refers to. A forthright and proactive approach allows for discussion of the issue and possible solutions, but some complainants may feel they are unable to make such an approach.
  • Report an incident that has occurred at a football match to a Ground Marshal at the time, or immediately following the game. This may also involve completion of a BCFC incident report.
  • Report an incident that has occurred on the pitch at a football match to the officiating referee immediately following the game. This may also involve completion of a BCFC incident report.
  • Speak to a Club Committee Member, Team Manager or Coach for advice on possible solutions and/or intervention.
  • Make a formal complaint in writing to the Committee (this can be done by email or post).

Review of a complaint

Where issues cannot be resolved informally, a complaints process will be adopted based on the principles of open discussion, confidentiality, fairness and respect, and timeliness.

If a complaint relates to a football matter the committee will involve the Technical Director in the resolution of the complaint, unless the complaint is made against the Technical Director.

The Committee has the option to:

Escalating a complaint

If considered appropriate, the committee has the option to:

  • Refer the complaint to another agency, which may include: Football Victoria, Football Australia, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, the Industrial Relations Commission or another appropriate body.
  • Seek independent mediation or arbitration.

Documenting a complaint

Where a formal complaint is received by the Club (whether in writing or a verbal complaint), the committee, or other person responding to the complaint will keep records of: the details of the complaint; any investigation undertaken; and actions taken to resolve the complaint.

Coaches and team managers are encouraged to keep similar records for minor complaints that do not reach the committee. All records will be maintained securely and confidentially.

A written response (email or letter) will be provided to all individuals who make a formal, written complaint.