Anti-drugs statement


This statement confirms the commitment of the Bendigo City Football Club (“the Club”) to uphold the Football Australia National Anti‑Doping Policy (“the policy”).

This statement, and the Football Australia Anti-doping policy applies, to BCFC’s administrators, committee, coaches, players and volunteers, and to the fullest extent possible to parents and guardians of players and to spectators at matches.


Performance enhancing drugs

Bendigo City FC supports and embraces the Football Australia philosophy that use of performance enhancing drugs is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport.

The use of performance enhancing drugs is not acceptable in our sport, or at our club.

The Club supports the Football Australia Anti-doping policy, and adopts and commits to enforce the requirements of the policy. The club has a zero-tolerance for any form of doping.

Possible sanctions from Football Australia include player suspension from training and competition, as well as team sanctions such as loss of competition points, or disqualification from a competition or event.

The Football Australia National Anti-Doping Policy can be found at this link.


Recreational drugs

Bendigo City FC also believes that the use of illicit drugs by young people is risky and unsafe. Illicit drugs can affect health, social life, work, school, teammates, friends and family. Use of illicit drugs is against the law, can affect training and match-day performance, and is contrary to club values and expectations.

The use of illicit, recreational drugs is not acceptable at our club.

The Club recognises that young people are subject to significant pressures around the use of drugs, and that illicit drugs are widely available in the community.

As aspiring athletes, committed to development and aspiring for excellence, we expect our players to make intelligent, well-considered decisions about illicit drug use, to set a good example for other young people, and to look out for each other.

Responding to drug use at Bendigo City FC

In the first instance the club will treat illicit drug use as a health problem. We will:

  1. Look after the health of the individual, including, if necessary, calling an ambulance by dialling 000.
  2. Investigate the circumstances of the illicit drug use and record the incident in the club incident register.
  3. Seek advice from local services.
  4. Take appropriate action, this may include suspending the player from training and competition for a period of time to be determined by the Club committee.

Incidents involving illicit drugs will be placed on the players record and may be considered when squads are selected in future years.

Also note:

If the club becomes aware of drug dealing (selling or distributing drugs) at the club or within our football community, this will be reported to the Police.

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